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FSSAI Online License Registration Form

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I am a shopkeeper and I want to register online for FSSAI License? How can I check my eligibility for obtaining license under FSSAI rules. Where can I find the online license registration system of FSSAI? Can I apply online and track my status at FSSAI Online Licensing Registration Portal. Provide me information for Food Business Operator (FBO) Online registration system. Which is the official website of FSSAI and where can I register online for License under FSSAI?

asked Jan 8, 2014 in Government by anonymous (3,330 points)

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Food Business Operator (FBO) are required to obtain license from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). If you dealing in food products and want to register for license under FSSAI rules then you can apply online for obtaining the license. FSSAI lincense registration application form can be filled online. After you complete your online registration application you can submit the printout of application form alongwith necessary documents to State Authority / Regional Authority of FSSAI. FSSAI official website allows the users to check their eligibility for registration. It is an interactive tool available on the FSSAI website. 

FSSAI Licensing / Registration Eligibility Checker Tool


FSSAI License / Registration Online Application Form


FSSAI Official Website 


Those who are dealing in food products and looking information for registration / licensing under FSSAI Act they can visit the official website of FSSAI for ascertaning eligibility, documents requirement, licensing / registration status equiry, fee structure and other information. 

answered Jan 25, 2014 by admin (17,460 points)

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