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Voter ID Card Status Uttarakhand

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I am from state of Uttarakhand. I want to know my Voter ID Card Status in Uttarakhand State. I have registered for Voter ID Card in state of Uttarakhand. Where can I Check online my Voter ID Card Status. Which is the official website of Uttarakhand Chief Electoral Officer Website?

asked Jan 17 in Online Status Check by anonymous (3,330 points)

1 Answer

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Uttarakhand Voter ID Card Status can be verified from the official website of Chief Electoral Officer Uttarakhand. Those who have applied for voter Id registration they can search the electoral roll from the CEO Uttarakhand official website. List of Voter ID Card registration is available on the CEO Uttarakhand website.

CEO Uttarakhand Official Website Voter ID Card Status


You can search the voter id card details from the link above. To check the Voter ID Card Status for Uttarakhand State you need to visit the above link and then select your district e.g. Haridar, Nainital, Dehradun etc. After this you can search the voter ID Card status by Name & EPIC number.

answered Jan 24 by admin (17,460 points)

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